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Material Testing and Laboratory Equipment

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PT. PANAIRSAN PRATAMA is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company. We provide one-stop-solutions for our customers: Consultancy, Procurement, Installation & Training, After Sales Service. PT. Panairsan Pratama is a LEADING COMPANY on Material Testing Equipments, Laboratory Equipments and Engineering System. We have range of equipments for Concrete, Soil, Asphalt, Aggregate, Cement, Environmental, Structural, Hydraulic, Mechanical, and Electrical, both for Laboratory and Field Applications, fixed and portable systems. Our products must have three characteristics: Usable, Precise, Durable. We have been dealing with customers from Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Research and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Universities, Polytechnics, R&D and Laboratory Institutes, State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Construction Firms, Manufacturer Firms, and Consultants.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our reason to always growing to be better company

Excellent Quality

The biggest responsibilities of us is to deliver the best quality of our product and service

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is our key to always getting trust from our customer



Our Material Testing Equipments, Laboratory Equipments and Engineering System are supplied and extensively use by Universities, Polytechnics, Government Ministries, Private sectors, Construction Firms

Our Partners

PT. Panairsan Pratama is the sole agent and distributor for the above products in Indonesia


Our Activities

PT Panairsan Pratama has always been maintain the existence of company for the customers. We have been involved for many conferences and exhibition in domestic and overseas. The existence for us is really important to make trust and keep up relation with the customers. As company who has priority to customer satisfaction, we are also following few accreditation program to prove that we can comply with all requirements to provide the best quality for our product and service.

    28 Sep 2016

    PT. Panairsan Pratama has joined as one of the exhibitors in Timor-Leste International Building & Construction (Buildcon) Expo 2016. Buildcon Timor Leste 2016 is set to be Timor Leste’s most complete Building & Construction event that brings together an international congregation of building and co...

    17 Sep 2016

    PT. Panairsan Pratama has joined as one of the exhibitors in Concrete Show South East Asia 2016. Mr. Dr. Ir. Darda Daraba M.Si (Director of "Bina Penyelenggara Konstruksi" and " Ditjen Bina Konstruksi Kementerian PUPR") and Mr. Christopher Eve (President Director PT. UBM Indonesia) visited and too...

  • International Building & Infrastructure Expo Timor...
    11 Aug 2016

    PT. Panairsan Pratama will join as an exhibit in Building & Infrastructure Timor Leste 2016. Building & Infrastructure Timor Leste 2016 is set to be Timor Leste’s most complete Building & Infrastructure Expo that brings together an International Congregation of Building and Infrastructure Companies,...

  • Seminar "Teknologi Peralatan Pengujian untuk Mendu...
    28 Apr 2015

    Menteri Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat Basuki Hadimuljono membuka seminar “Teknologi Peralatan Pengujian Untuk Mendukung Pekerjaan Infrastruktur di Indonesia”, (19/3) di Jakarta. Seminar ini diselenggarakan oleh Kementrian PU-PR bekerjasama dengan PT. Panairsan Pratama untuk memenuhi kebutuhan ...

  • Exhibiting at Konstruksi Indonesia 2014 (KI'14)
    04 Nov 2014

    KI’14 and CTI’14 is held on 5-7 November 2014 at the Jakarta Convention Center. These events offer an unprecedented opportunity for the public and private sector construction communities to meet, exchange information and technology, and to find new business opportunities that support the constructi...

    04 Nov 2014

    Himpunan Pengembangan Jalan Indonesia (HPJI) akan menggelar Konferensi Regional Teknik Jalan (KRTJ) ke-13 dan seminar internasional PIARC, tanggal 5 hingga 7 November 2014 di Makasar. Pada KRTJ akan membahas pengembangan jalan dan seminar internasional mengulas transportasi di perkotaan. KRTJ kali i...


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