EE 542-220/01 Near Infrared Reflectance Analyser

Near Infrared (NIR) analysis provides fast measurement without the need for chemical reagents or complex experimental methods. This instrument can be used with a wide variety of crops and food materials, but ismore normally used for grain testing.

Analysis is achieved by using light in the near infrared region of the  spectrum. This light excites specific molecule bonding in the surface of the sample. The reflected energy is measured and used to calculate the result. Standard calibrations are stored in the memory and other calibrations can be developed and added for a particular product or constituent.

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EE 548-588/01 Plant Growth Cabinet

This plant growth cabinet has been designed and developed to provide a cost effectiv, entry level facility for most plant growth studies.  Days and night condition are established using a four channel digital clock. Two channels are dedicated to the lighting system to provide dawn, dusk or night break conditions. The third channel is dedicated to the temperature and humidity, and the fourth channel is dedicated to the coolant system to allow the evaporator temperature to be adjusted for warm and cool conditions.

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EE 540-100 Plant Tissue Colour Chart

The colour of plant tissue gives a good indication as to how the plant is being affected by the surrounding environment. Light, temperature, nutrients, soil pollution, air pollution, acid rain, diseases, and insect pests can all alter the physical appearance and colour of a plant. In the scientific study of plants and pollution, it is important to be able to classify and describe any changes which are observed. Plant tissue colour charts provide a standarised method for describing exact tissue colours.

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EE 540-030 Hygrometer / Psychrometer Voltmeter & Transducers

This unit is a self-contained electronic system designed specifically for measuring water potential with thermocouple transducers. It contains sophisticated sensing and control circuit that automatically maintains the temperature of the thermocouple junction at the dew point temperature when operating in the dew point mode. The instrument can be used in either dew point or wet bulb mode so that the advantage of each can be utilised.

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EE 540-026/01 Porometer

The porometer measures diffusion conductance by comparing the precise rate of humidification within a small cuvette, to readings obtained with a calibration plate. The plate has 6 diffusion conductance settings whose values have been accurately determined by finite element analysis. This instrument features a simple direct calibration option, which can be carried out in the field against a tested physical standard.

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EE 470-040 Portable Plant Efficiency Analyser

When light shines on a plant, it is absorbed by the chlorophyll molecules in the leaf. The absorbed energy is then utilised in a variety of ways including photosynthesis. A proportion of the absorbed energy is re-emitted as chlorophyll fluorescence. The Plant Efficiency Analyser (PEA) is a compact, field portable instrument designed for measurement and analysis of this chlorophyll fluorescence via induction by the high time resolution continuous excitation principle.

This principle is based around the fact that time-dependent changes in fluorescence emission occur when a dark adapted leaf is exposed to light.

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EE 470-045 Chlorophyll Content Meter

The instrument has been designed to accurately determine the chlorophyll content in plants and crops. Especially useful for improving Nitrogen management programs and is ideal for research and teaching. The ample on-board data storage and hand held design makes this meter the most field efficient chlorophyll content meter on the market.

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EE 470-025/09 Photosynthesis Analyser, With Fully Automated Micro-climate Control

This unit enables researchers to automatically control carbon dioxide and water vapour concentrations together with Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) and temperature. The instrument includes an automatic, temperature controlled, plant leaf chamber, automatic portanle light source and enriched carbon dioxide supply source. Microclimate controls and rechargeable 12V batteries are contained in one compact unit. The microclimate control facilities are self contained and require no external pumps or water supply.

The plant photosynthesis analyser enables the scientist to investigate growing plants either in field or laboratory. Since the plant is not damaged by the analysis it can be repeatedly tested under different conditions to observe the results.

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EE 540-301 Digital Plant Water Potential Apparatus

Measurement of plant water status by the pressure vessel technique is the standard method used in research work and the apparatus is simple enough to be used for routine field analysis. A small leaf or branch is cut from the plant of interest. It is quickly sealed inside the pressure vessel with the cut end of the petiole exposed to the atmosphere. The pressure inside the chamber is then increased until the sup just starts to emerge from the cut stem. The equilibrium pressure value at this point is a measure of the tension (stress) within the plant system at the time that the speciment was cut.

The digital plant water potential apparatus is lightweight and portable making it suitable for both laboratory and field use.

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EE 470-010/01 Portable Leaf Area Meter

The meter enables samples to be measured without detaching them from the plant. The unit is operated using only two buttons to select options from the display. Individual readings can be stored or areas can be accumulated as a running total.

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